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+Bioavailable Ingredients manufactured locally

There are a variety of vitamins available on the market and Menoviva™ uses the ones that are best absorbed focusing on bioavailability
We don't chose cheap ingredients, we chose the right ones!
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Blog posts

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Synthetic vs Whole-Food Calcium

Calcium is well-known for helping the body to maintain strong bones and healthy teeth, as well as enabling the heart, muscles and nerves to functio...

Metabolic reset

The first I heard of this was through a friend at the age of 54 who had lost weight, looked fab and didn't have to worry as much as before about w...

D3 and K2 for Bone health

 Newsflash: our bodies need calcium to build and maintain bones. You’ve probably already heard that vitamin D can help your body to absorb calci...

Sage for Menopause: Does It Work?

 All women experience menopause in middle age. This is where the ovaries secrete less female hormones, especially estrogen, causing a variety of p...