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Our Story

Inspired by Nature

Bioavailable nutraceutical blends made to pharmaceutical standards in the UK

We're a family run business based in the UK. We derive our inspiration from nature. We respect nature by minimising plastic, sourcing and manufacturing ingredients as locally as possible.

We support our customers by providing natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Bioavailable Herbal blends that are both potent and safe. To ensure safety we manufacture our supplements with a pharmaceutical company in the UK and have our ingredients third party lab tested.

Our background

Menoviva™ was founded by two women, mother and daughter who are inspired to make a difference to health and well-being of others.

We draw inspiration from what's closest to nature. Our bulking agent for example that we use in our products is derived from wood pulp and the forms of vitamins we use are the purest form and kind to the environment and animals (100% vegan).

Our Bone supplement contains calcified Atlantic seaweed which is a natural whole food form of calcium.

We chose high quality ingredients. We care about what goes into our bodies and how the environment is treated in the process. Discover new heights of health with Menoviva™

Contact Us

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